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As we know, new car models have their VIN number located in areas that can be easily damaged during an accident. The affected element needs to be replaced and the same VIN number is required. Car showrooms offer such service but it is often very long, expensive and complicated (in some it is even impossible). Diagnostic stations are putting numbers that were issued from the office and since it is different from the one in the factory, selling such car or providing service maintenance to it can cause major problems.

The second issue concerns renovation of antique cars. In order preserve the highest value and exact original image, this type of vehicle requires the same original marks as it had straight after leaving the car showroom 25 years ago. Identification plates and other markings are difficult to buy or totally unavailable on the market and that is why we are dealing with these matters as well.

We duplicate identification plates and identification stickers for vehicles and machines.

The VIN number is put by marking machines in CNC technology – it is the same method as in vehicle production.

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